Warrnambool & District Artists Society 2019 Annual Awards
Best Overall Winner:Judith Watson Award 
 Wilma Williams

  Judy Rauert
Second   Marg Lawlor
Third     Gwyn Taylor

OilsFirst      Susan Sambelli
Second    Dawne Barker
Third      Margaret Molony

Other:First       Jenny Arms
Second    Patricia Galvez
Third     Val Ryan

Watercolour:First      Rosemary Bayliss
Second   Robyn Lake
Third     Shirley Lindsay

Pastel:First      Ricky Schembri
Second   Kim Kavanagh
Third     Margaret Brodie

1st Time exhibiting artist   Mandy O’Neill
Wilma Williams1
 Merri View Gallery Annual Awards Exhibition 2019
Judges Comments

1st  Time Exhibiting Artist:             Mandy ONeill
Title of Work                    The Colours of Autumn
Comments:                     The simplicity of one sole leaf, conveys  a great deal about the complexity of Autumn. Pastel handled sensitively.

Oils                                     Third:                Margaret Moloney
Title of Work                    And all that Jazz
Comments:                     Painting a group  of people is never easy.  Margaret has captured this ensemble competently. Beautiful gestures on each person.

Oils                                                                 Second:               Dawne Barker
Title of Work                    Light
Comments:                     A lively,  spontaneous painting with refreshing use of colour. A brave piece of work.
Oils                                     First:                 Susan Sambell
Title of Work              Stillness
Comments:                     An extremely freshly painted, competently executed oil painting. It’s obvious  to me that Susan’s proficiency with watercolour has aided her paint application with oils. Delightful subject matter I can feel the serenity.

Watercolour      Third:   Shirley Lindsay
Title of Work                    Scout
Comments:                     This funky little critter has attitude.  Fresh and different handling of watercolour medium.

Watercolour      Second:               Robyn Lake
Title of Work                    Quack
Comments:                     This duck is a joy.  So pretentious. Standing there, simply because he/she has a right to be there!! Nice handling of the medium and spontaneous paint application.
Watercolour       First:                  Rosemary Bayliss
Title of Work                    Happy Days at Warrnambool
Comments:                     A superbly painted watercolour.  The figures sit very nicely  against a charming painting of the sea.

Pastel                  Third:                Margaret Brodie
Title of Work                    Setting Sail
Comments:                     Wonderful draftsmanship in the execution of the boats. Beautiful colours

Pastel                  Second:               Kim Kavanagh
Title of Work                    Still Life Geranium
Comments:                     The beauty of this painting is in it’s humble subject matter. One beautiful geranium casting an expertly executed shadow

Pastel                  First:                 Ricky Schembri
Title of Work                    Jesse’s Creek -2
Comments:                     A masterful piece of pastel work. Beautiful composition, colours and lovely sense of astmosphere.

Acrylic              Third:                Gwyn Taylor
Title of Work                    Tower Hill Emu
Comments:                     I look for paintings which evoke an emotional response in me.  This certainly grabs my attention.

Acrylic              Second:               Marg Lawlor
Title of Work                    Blue Hole warrnambool
Comments:                     An extremely dramatic painting with a terrific energy conveyed in the sky.
Acrylic              First:                  Judy Rauert
Title of Work                    Looking towards Port Fairy
Comments:        Authentic sense of atmosphere. Judy has caught a broad  subject matter in a small piece of work. Delightful. The colours are most indicative of this area in typical weather for this region. Great light!

Other    Medium               Third:                Val Ryan
Title of Work                    Five in a pod
Comments:                    Wonderful composition. Terrific handling of the linocut process.
Other    Medium               Second:               Patricia Galvez
Title of Work                    The Carnival of Texture
Comments:                     This is a very eye catching painting due to it’s great sense of design. Her use of red and green has worked well with the addition of monochromatic colours

Other    Medium               First:                 Jenny Arms
Title of Work                    Lighhouse
Comments:                     Spontaneous, yet very competent handling of a difficult unforgiving medium.

Overall Winner:                          
Artists Name                   Wilma Williams
Title of Work                    Wild Sea
Comments:             A magnificent painting which  speaks for itself. Elevates the soul!  The fantastic result of constant self discipline in the art medium.   Congratulations Wilma.

First Acrylic
first oils2
first pastel2
first other2
First watercolour

Annual Awards

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