Bearer Of Our Sorrows Watercolour David Voigt $1000 (3)
Ascention Judy Rauert $495 (2)
He is Risen Watercolour Shirley Lindsay $300 (3)
Cactus Flower Watercolour Lola Spencer $150 (2)
Camping with friends at Easter Acrylic $600 (2)
Crown Of Thorns Acrylic Jenny Arms $270 (2)
Crucifixion Watercolour David Voigt $1000 (2)1
Dancing to Heaven Oil Christine Unger $125
Easter Bonnetts Acrylic $180 (2)
Easter Duo Watercolour Maureen Healey $50 (2)
Easter Lillies Acrylic Ella Baudinette $100 (2)
Easter Lilly Oil Jim Williams $100 (2)
Easter Trio Watercolour Maureen Healey $50 (2)
For God So Loved Watercolour Lorraine Deppeler $150 (2)
Happy Couple Watercolour Wendy Zhan $130 (2)
In Bloom Watercolour Wendy Zhan $150 (2)
Jesus is Risen Mixed medium Maureen Healey $95
Jesus On The Way Watercolour Lola Spencer $90 (2)
Light From Above Acrylic Marg Lawlor $140 (2)
Lillies, Buns and Bible Acrylic Gwyn Taylor (2)
Lord of Miracles Patricia Galvez $280 (2)
Peace,Serenity,Reflection Ailis C Sutherland Pastle ink $230 (3)
Represents the crucifixion Acrylic Gwyn Taylor (2)
Resurrection Acrylic Judy Rauert $355 (2)
Sea of Galilee Oil Shirley Lindsay $200 (2)

Over 30 paintings across all mediums were entered in the recent Easter Art Festival Competition hosted by the Warrnambool and District Artists Society. Neil Benfell, past Principal of Kings College, shared his deep appreciation of art and art history as the judge for this exhibition. Neil commented that the theme of 'What Easter Means To Me' produced a wonderful variety of work. In choosing the winners he looked for some reflection of the pathos and varied depth of the Easter theme, artistic features, composition, simplicity, palette and the works power to communicate.
First prize was awarded to David Voigt for his work 'Bearer of our sorrows' in watercolour.
Second Prize went to Shirley Lindsay for her watercolour titled 'He is risen' with the Third Prize to Judy Rauert for her work titled 'Ascention' in Acrylic.
Due to the COVID-19 closures the Merri View Gallery is unfortunately closed to the public until further notice.


Light shines through Marg Lawlor $142 (2)

Easter Show

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