Our artwork

Crafted by local artists

This gallery of members’ work is an example of the styles, creative skills and mediums used by members of WADAS.

Sales are not made directly from this site. To enquire about purchasing any of these paintings please email us at info@warrnamboolartsociety.com.au stating the name of the artist. The artist will then liaise with you personally.


Title: Shipwreck Coast
Artist: Lynne Herry
Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Artists Statement: I am inspired by colour, texture and pattern, and by our wonderful local coastline

Title: Cypress Trees, Koroit
Artist: Ricky Shembri
Medium: Pastel on Mi Teintes Touch 39cm x 26cm

Artists Website: www.rickyshembri.com

Artwork title: Sunlit Roses
Artist: Lorraine Deppeler
Medium: Watercolour.

Artists Statement: I wanted to capture the effects of the light on the roses causing some to be in focus, while others weren’t. I was also interested in achieving the light reflections in the glass vase.

Title: Surprise Visitor
Artist: Kim Kavanagh
Medium: Pastel

Artists Statement: As a new artist I have found pastel the easiest medium to begin with.

I enjoyed the effects created by layering to bring out the colours of the flowers and the bird in this painting.

Artwork title: Emerald Macaw
Artist name: Robyn Ireland

Medium: Pastel and pencil on pastelmat

Artwork title: Check the Letterbox
Artist name: Shirley Lindsay

Medium: Watercolour

Artwork title: Echidna
Artist: Britt Gow
Linocut, limited edition print

Website: www.brittgow.com

Artwork title: Port and Jetty
Artist: Irene Franzoni
Medium: Watercolour

Artists Statement: Memories of lunch at the breakwater

Artwork title: Blue Wren
Artist: Robyn Lake
Medium: Watercolour

Artist’s Statement: I try to express the energy and fluidity of animals, people and nature in all it’s forms

Artwork title: Spirit
Artist: Alexandra Davis
Medium: Acrylic

Artist’s Statement: I was born to be an artist

Artwork title: Ready to Parade
Artist: Val Ryan
Medium: Linocut Print

Artwork title: Spring
Artist: Wendy Zhan
Medium: Watercolour

Our gallery

The Merri View Gallery is owned and operated by Warrnambool & District Artist’s Society. Comprising two gallery spaces offering a tranquil view across the Merri River.

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